Slitter Rewinder Duplex 1,000

Machine designed fto slit and rewind plastic film, label and paper. It has two differential shafts at rewind with central support and automatic roll extractor system; taper tension system to ensure the quality of the finished product and automatic stop systems by length or diameter.

This machine operates with cellophane, PET, PE, PVC, BOPP, CPP, BOPA, PP and laminated products.

  • Shaftless unwinder with 3” to 6” chucks.
  • Splice table with upper and lower press.
  • Web guide system with printing mark sensor.
  • Anti static bars.
  • Razor slitting system (6 blades).
  • 3” differential friction shafts for rewinding, each with independent transmision.
  • Central Support for rewinding shafts.
  • Automatic unloading system to F type holder.

Edge sensor for clear and non-printed materials, Shear slitting system, Trim slit and extraction, 6” differential rewindig shafts, 6” adapters for unwinder chucks, Aluminum Lay-On rollers, Manual or semiautomatic laser indicator for cardboard core and blades, Motor powered unloader stand, Splice detection sensor, Remote connection for fast troubleshooting, OSHA and CE compliance.

Technical Characteristics
  • Unwinder diameter : 1,000 mm (39”), 1,300 mm (51”).
  • Standard width: 1,000 mm (39”) 1,300 mm (51”) 1,600 mm (63”).
  • Rewinder diameter : 1,000 mm (39”).
  • Speed : 800 m/min (2,624 ft/min).
  • Minimum slitting width : 38 mm (1.5”).
  • Training.
  • Installation.
  • Spare parts sales.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting hotline.