Inspection Machine for Big Rolls

Rewinder inspection machine for big rolls, designed to work with a wide category of materials.

This machine allows the user to recover rolls with an effective method. It allows the operator to remove defective material and adjust the tension align the material. operates in forward and backward directions.

  • Shaftless central unwinder.
  • Shaftless central rewinder.
  • Inspection table for material inspection.
  • Reversible system.
  • Rewind with taper tension.
  • Alignment system.

Trimming slitting system and trim extraction system, adapters for different core diameter in unwinder and winder, inspection system through a video camera or stroboscope and remote connection for fast troubleshooting.

Technical Characteristics
  • Unwinding diameter: 1,000 mm (40”).
  • Rewinding diameter: 1,000 mm (40”).
  • Standard widths: 1,000 mm (40”) - 1,300 mm (51”) - 1,600 mm (63”).
  • Speed: 500 m/min (1,640 ft/min).
  • Training.
  • Installation.
  • Spare parts sales.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting hotline.