Turret Rewinder

High productivity machine because of its turret to rewind paper (big format printer rolls) and nonwoven doesn’t need shaft in the rewinding section.

  • Unwinder with pneumatically retractile chucks, brake system and air shaft.
  • Peripheral rewinding system with two support rolls and riding roll.
  • Turret system with three positions for a quick change of finished rolls and new cardboard core insertion.
  • Retractile chucks system avoids using rewinding shaft.
  • PLC sequence controlled system and pressure control cabinet.
  • Edge trimmer.
  • Guiding system.
  • Shaftless unwinder.
Technical Characteristics
  • Maximum unwinder diameter: 47" (1,200 mm).
  • Standard width: 39" and 83" (1,000 mm and 2,100 mm).
  • Maximum speed: 1,148.29 FPM (200 m/min).
  • Maximum finished rolls diameter: 18" (450 mm).
  • Training.
  • Installation.
  • Spare parts sales.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting hotline.